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Amplitude Of Temperature Fluctuation Detected By Thermocouple In The Body Temperature Transmitter
Jul 20, 2017

The time constant of the integrated temperature transmitter is inversely proportional to the heat transfer coefficient
Integrated temperature transmitter is the perfect combination of temperature sensor and transmitter. When it is installed, some of the following conditions occur.
The error introduced in the insulation variation of the integrated temperature transmitter, the protection tube and the pull line board dirt or the salt slag excessively causes the thermocouple to insulate with the furnace wall between the pole and the heat, is more serious at the high temperature, this will not only cause the thermoelectric potential loss but also will introduce the disturbance, thus causes the error sometimes to reach the Baidu.
The error of the heat inertia introduced by the integrated temperature transmitter
Because of the thermal inertia of the thermocouple, the indicator value of the instrument is lagging behind the change of the measured temperature, which is particularly prominent in the rapid measurement, so it should be used as far as possible to use thermoelectric very thin, protective tube diameter smaller thermocouple.
The protective tube can even be taken away when the temperature of the environment is allowed.
Because of the lag of measurement, the amplitude of temperature fluctuation detected by thermocouple is smaller than that of furnace temperature fluctuation.
To accurately measure the temperature, should choose the time constant small thermocouple, the time constant and the heat transfer coefficient is inversely proportional, with the thermocouple hot end diameter, the material density and the specific heat ratio, if wants to reduce the time constant, except increases the heat transfer coefficient, the most effective method is minimizes the hot end the size.