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High Speed Development Of Pressure Transmitters
Jul 20, 2017

High speed development of pressure transmitters:
Pressure, differential pressure transmitter is a process variable transmitter in the most important category, the use of a wide range, in addition to the pressure, differential pressure measurement, but also for flow, liquid level,
Pressure transmitter according to the measurement mechanism, the most commonly used capacitive, inductive, dispersed silicon, vibrating string, etc. In addition to the accuracy of the DR type differential pressure transmitter used to measure the negative pressure of the kiln head is 0.5%, most of the other is 0.25%, it is characterized by the use of 4ma~20ma transmission of the imitation, in-situ appearance of the table head for the pointer, the amount of range at 6:1, stability of 6 months, this is the first generation of analog transmitter. The second generation of goods is intelligent transmitter, the concept of the so-called intelligent is: sensors and transmitters are driven by microprocessors, but also has the ability of communication and self diagnosis. Intelligent pressure transmitter with high accuracy (0.1% ~ 0.075%), a large number of range (up to 100:1) and high stability (1-5 years), it generally comes with a Hart agreement or a production company agreement, later commodity also with the Fieldbus International standard of the FF or PROFIBUS-PA protocol, it shows the table in situ to digital, but also can be used hand-operated or in the control system long-distance configuration, to complete remote settings or remote correction of configuration data.
Into the 21st century, the third generation transmitter! Digital Intelligent transmitter is gradually entering people's horizon. Third generation transmitter because of the use of the leading inspection skills, to eliminate moisture, dust and other adverse environmental conditions on the impact of transmitter measurement more accurate, it is said that its accuracy is better than 0.05%, the range is finer, the stability reaches more than 5 years, the communication protocol is more complete, the new transmitter also passes the safety proof, can ensure the safe shutdown when the technical condition surpasses the critical value. Because the second generation transmitter has been able to meet the requirements of the cement plant monitoring, and the third-generation transmitter price is still higher, the author thought that in the cement plant is not suitable for implementation.