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Prospect Analysis Of Pressure Transmitter Industry In China
Jul 20, 2017

What is the vision of the pressure transmitter? With the acceleration of national infrastructure and the support of the government, the pressure transmitter in the last two years still insists on more than 20% of all professions. The development prospect of pressure transmitters is relatively bright.

Pressure transmitter occupation has been a six consecutive years to adhere to the trend of high economic operation. Despite the impact of the financial turmoil, the economic growth of various professions slowed down, but from the current situation, the increase in the pressure transmitter profession has not slowed down. And the timing of the career's contribution will also be good.

A. Occupation will continue to increase steadily. The increase in the first quarter of the pressure transmitter is showing a new momentum in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 08 and 09 and the aftershocks of the financial crisis. Measuring instruments and electronic industry equipment for professional investment growth rate of more than 50%, to pull the entire electronic information professional contribution to the rapid increase has played an important role. Electrician and electrical appliances sales increased 31.92% year-on-year, exports increased by 30.13%.

Two. There is a need for unlimited potential. At present, China's national economy insists on continuing, rapid and healthy development, and expands the domestic demand market in the macro-control policy and the active fiscal policy. National economy departments will have a large number of enterprises for the improvement of commodity quality, economic benefits to carry out technical transformation, special countries in the past two years on the metallurgical, petrochemical, paper and other seven major professional technical transformation, the pressure transmitter will constitute a larger need, in the metallurgical, petrochemical, environmental and other production process in the field, the need for automatic pressure transmitter and control system 1.3 million units (sets) above, of which the main control equipment (large DCs, small and Medium DCs, PLC, single, multiple loop regulator) more than 150,000 (sets) , the transmitter about 250,000 units, measuring instrument up to more than 500,000 units, regulating valve more than 200,000 units, a new generation of Fieldbus-type industrial control system needs will have a greater increase; scientific research, teaching, agriculture, environmental protection, climate.

Three. Import and export will be more balanced. Pressure transmitter industry Despite the rapid development, but the distance from abroad is still larger. But over the years some of the goods in foreign market share has been expanding. Data show that the last year, China's pressure transmitter professional export delivery value increased by 39.2%, export value exceeded the total output of One-fourth. These data indicate that the rapid increase of the whole career is more significant by export, but together, the change of the international shopping mall has also increased the impact on the whole profession. On the export side, the labor-intensive commodity, represented by Watt-hour meter and water meter, is still a bright spot, and now China has become the biggest exporter of these two kinds of commodities.

Four. The approach will strengthen support. Following the series of National Key project implementation, has been bleak steam flowmeter occupation has increasingly been the Government's attention and support. In addition, the "Twelve-Five" period, China will continue to implement and restart key projects, these projects to the pressure transmitter to bring endless business opportunities, the principle of the support of pressure transmitters constitute a direct positive.