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Shared Pressure Transmitter Several Important Components
Jul 20, 2017

With the continuous development of industry, basic all industries are exposed to pressure transmitter, the principle and performance of pressure transmitters are also known to be ripe. But many people are not very familiar with the basic structural components of the pressure transmitter, because understanding the component structure is not very important to the daily operation, but it is especially significant for the fault diagnosis and the laboratory calibration. Below we respectively are several important components of the pressure transmitter.

1. Transform element
The modulation and transformation element of the mechanical connecting rod structure is one of the most important elements to deal with the nonlinear relation of the mechanical connecting rod structure, which is often used when there is relative motion between the components of the pressure transmitter system. A good linear relationship can be established by using modulation transform elements to effectively connect various parts of pressure transmitter.

2. Sensitive components
The sensitive elements of the pressure transmitters are generally used to make transistors and integrated circuits, and are also used to manufacture the key components of semiconductor materials. The performance of sensitive components depends on the material of the sensitive gate and substrate and the type of binder, and the sensitive elements used in the thermal detector are mainly composed of thermistor, thermocouple and bimetallic sheet.

3. Measuring elements
Components of feedback systems similar to pressure transmitters generally include control elements, actuators, controlled components, and measuring elements. Although the pressure transmitter does not depend on the measuring element, it is necessary to measure the components to achieve the measurement in the process of generating control information. The measuring elements are used in many measuring instruments.

4. Auxiliary power supply.
We know that the auxiliary power supply of pressure transmitter is 24V power supply, it can utilize 24 power of two times meter. In order to improve the stability of the power supply, most of the circuits with auxiliary power supply and differential amplifier are added. Therefore, the practical application of the auxiliary power supply circuit of pressure transmitter is more complicated.

The above is the pressure transmitter's main composition of the four components, these four components in the use of pressure transmitter have played a different role, all have their own role, the performance and quality of these components determine the performance and quality of pressure transmitter.