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Temperature Sensor Technology Will Go Into The Field Of Life
Jul 20, 2017

Temperature sensor is one of the most widely used sensors, in the universe, any object has its own temperature, and the temperature sensor is also the first human civilization began to develop a sensor, its applications in the production industry and other fields, for people to provide a lot of convenience.
A lot of sensors to detect temperature, we all know what sort of temperature sensor? What are the different forms of temperature sensors? And so on. A series of questions in the production of people's lives gradually become sharp, people need to understand and apply in detail.
The temperature sensor can be divided into two categories according to the different installation forms, which are contact type and non-contact type respectively.
The so-called contact temperature sensor is a good contact between the sensor and the object being measured, temperature sensor through conduction or convection to achieve heat balance, so that the temperature sensor indication can directly indicate the temperature of the object measured, such a measurement of the relative accuracy of temperature can be better, and the measurement of the impact is relatively small. The contact-type temperature sensor becomes more miniaturized and intelligent with the development of sensor technology. The contact temperature sensor has many different classifications, the main distinguishing method is the physical and chemical properties of different objects. At present, the contact temperature sensor has bimetal temperature sensor, glass liquid temperature sensor, pressure type temperature sensor, resistance temperature sensor, thermistor and thermocouple and so on, contact type temperature sensor has become more and more diversified over the years.
And the so-called non-contact temperature sensor more in the development of optics, its measurement principle than the contact type of temperature sensor slightly more complex. Non-contact temperature sensors are based on the law of Optical acoustics, and more technical processing is with the development of optics and acoustics. Non-contact temperature sensor measurement upper limit is not affected by temperature, and thus there is no limit on the maximum measurable temperature in principle. For 1800 ℃ above the high temperature, the main use of Non-contact temperature measurement method, it is the advantage of the temperature change is limited. These years with the development of infrared technology, infrared temperature sensors gradually into the production of people's lives. Infrared is a kind of invisible light, but in time it is like any other light, it is also an objective substance. As long as the temperature of any object is higher than 0 degrees of thermodynamics, there will be infrared radiation to the surrounding. The infrared temperature sensor is a kind of quality product in non-contact temperature sensor, and its application has become popular these years.