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The Advantages Of Intelligent Change Of Temperature Transmitter Module
Jul 20, 2017

In order to make the sensor long-term normal work, especially in the high temperature environment how to ensure that pressure transmitter normal work, it is necessary to take appropriate measures, the following relevant experience to share with you.

Pressure transmitters with radiators for high temperature dielectric measurements: If the pressure transmitter is working in a high-temperature environment for a long time without taking protective measures, its motherboard wiring, parts, seals and movements may burn out. In order to make the sensor long-term normal work, we need to take appropriate measures, below to share the relevant experience with you.

If the temperature of the medium is measured at 70-80 ℃, it is only necessary to add a heat sink to the high temperature pressure transmitter or pressure gauge connection, so that the temperature can be lowered appropriately, so that the media is directly exposed to the instrument through the radiator, if the measurement medium temperature of more than 100 ℃, the highest reach 200 ℃, we need to pick the pressure mouth after the condensation ring to add the radiator, so that the media through the condenser cooling, and then through the radiator heat and pressure transmitter directly contact when the temperature is very low. If it is superheated steam, such as temperature in the 500°c around the steam, is not water, this time can be used coil condenser.

In the case of ultra-high temperature measurement, the guide tube can be extended to the pressure transmitter, and the radiator can be installed after the capillary to achieve the effect of medium cooling. These are several medium temperature high pressure transmitter installation, which is different from the addition of the diaphragm. The pressure transmitter or pressure gauge on the addition of the diaphragm is the diaphragm pressure gauge and diaphragm pressure transmitter, which is designed for easy to block corrosive media, so that the pressure of the media on the diaphragm, rather than the direct contact with pressure transmitter.

It should also be noted that in the industrial scene, there are many cases of pressure-measuring transmitters to be able to work in a high temperature environment for a long time. How can the transmitter meet this requirement? In addition to the improvement of external conditions, the fundamental factor is how to improve the transmitter's own temperature tolerance.
1, is the use of high-temperature-resistant sensor core,
2, change the external shape of the transmitter, so that it has a good cooling function.

It can be seen that the installation method is correct, not only about the measurement accuracy of pressure sensors, but also with the life of the sensor. Therefore, in the special (such as high temperature) occasions, more attention should be paid to the installation of sensors.