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The Development Of Intelligent Temperature Transmitter
Jul 20, 2017

The development of intelligent temperature transmitter:
Temperature is also a very important part of process variable transmitter, it is one of the basic elements of measuring flow, density and other process variables.
According to the development of temperature measurement has made great progress, it also promotes the process of manipulating the industry in the field of temperature transmitter accuracy, reliability and repeatability of progress, together also for the process of continuous progress in the control of the quality of dedication.
The so-called intelligent temperature transmitter refers to the temperature sensor skills and additional electronic components associated with a temperature transmitter, it can complete remote settings or remote correction of configuration data. At the time of the temperature transmitter shopping malls and the use of cement occupations, there are three main types of intelligent temperature transmitter products. From the point of view of use and cost, each kind of intelligent temperature transmitter has its advantages and disadvantages.
1, waterproof type temperature transmitter this kind of temperature transmitter generally installed in the transmitter function has a very high request, harsh use occasions, such as in the kiln tail, decomposition furnace, five-stage preheater and so on. This type of temperature transmitter is encapsulated in the sealed shell, which is usually made of stainless steel, which is characterized by high accuracy, high reliability, good safety and weatherproof, and its primary drawback is the higher price. It usually has the field table head, can be on-site supervision, adjustment and configuration.
2, integrated temperature transmitter such a temperature transmitter can be directly installed in the temperature sensor of the din joint head, its advantages are low-cost device costs, compact size, compatible with various types of temperature sensors. Because this temperature transmitter is directly installed on the temperature sensor connector, the electrical connection and the sensor wiring are very simple. The kiln system of cement plant can choose the integrated temperature transmitter and the grinding system in addition to the high part of the request.
The intelligent temperature transmitter chooses the communication protocol and the pressure transmitter, is in the allocation status is the Hart agreement, other also has conforms to the Fieldbus International standard FF or the PROFIBUS-PA agreement commodity.
At that time, the main trend of process variable transmitter is wireless use, smaller size and the use of multivariable process transmitter. Because some of the cement large group of auxiliary processes have been selected wireless skills, wireless transmitter will also be the Chinese cement profession attention. Add wireless function to process variable transmitter is value for money, considering that some cement plant occupies a large number of physical space, some technical measurement of the location is difficult to device, and some technical measurement point environment is very bad, with the traditional hardware and equipment cost too high, if the elimination process variable transmitter and control circuit between the interface, the use of wireless communication can save energy, cut wiring and maintenance costs, so the wireless function added to the process variable transmitter is value for money.
In the new dry cement production line, the process variable transmitter as the monitoring eyes is very important, its accuracy, reliability, stability, security progress, for the process Control quality and the final product quality of the continuous progress made dedication.